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Kentucky requires 96 hours of real estate instruction either in person or online.  You must pass the class test to proceed to take the state licensing exam.  Class costs range from $299 to $999.


The state exam costs $100 each time you take the test.  The test comprises 2 sections, state and national.  You must pass both sections to become a licensed real estate agent in Kentucky.  If you pass either section and fail the other, you will only have to take the section you failed on the next attempt.


High school transcripts and a Ky State Police background check are required to be submitted with your passing test score to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.


The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires a bi-annual fee as well as Errors and Omissions Insurance to be in place prior to issuance of your license.


You will be required to affiliate with a real estate brokerage.  Once affiliated, you have 30 days to become a memeber of the brokerage's board of Realtors.  LBAR has an initial membership fee of $1,500 and you will be required to pay the pro-rated membership dues for the current year.


The state of Kentucky requires all new real estate licensees to complete 48 hours of post-licensing education.  32 hours are mandatory classes and 16 are elective.


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